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Welcome to Weiss Ratings' Medicare Power Planner!

This is a brand new way for you to easily determine which Medicare benefit combination you need AND find the best priced plan for your personal situation …

The Medicare Power Planner will eliminate information overload and guide you through the decision process with simple yes and no questions to recommend the best combination of Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplements (Medigap) and Medicare prescription drug coverage for you—and only you.  All the plans! All in one place!  And a way to figure it all out.

The Medicare Power Planner is unique! While other internet sites are designed to recommend only the few plans they sell, the Medicare Power Planner gives you access to plans and premium rates for the whole Medicare market.  

And NO INSURANCE REPRESENTATIVE WILL CONTACT YOU as a result of using the Medicare Power Planner.  Unless, you make a specific request.

That’s because Weiss DOES NOT SELL INSURANCE, nor do we have any stake in whether or not you purchase a plan. Our goal is to give you the information you need to make informed decisions about your retirement benefits and help you compare plan prices.

We will show you what Medicare is, how it compares to Medicare Advantage, when you might need a supplemental policy, and how to combine any of the three with prescription drug coverage. 

By following these Easy Steps, you will find out for FREE how much you can save on each plan.  That’s right, Step 2 will show you the Highest & Lowest price available for each plan.  You will be absolutely amazed at the large price variations! 

Then, you’ll want to proceed to Step 3 to find specific plans that will fit your personal needs. 

The Medicare Power Planner puts you in control of your retirement healthcare planning and prepares you to work with any insurance carrier or representative ... 

Go ahead, FOLLOW THE STEPS to start using the Medicare Power Planner now! 

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